Friday, September 2, 2011

The hottest summer in record!

This was one of the way's it started. Trying do sell at our local craft show every third Thurs. Our town has been having a special "Third Thur." Where invited local artist's are ask if they would like to set up and sell thier products. The local stores also stay open until 8:00 pm. Most have drinks and snacks to go along with it. Lots of fun! But it was so HOT!!!! I didn't do the July or Aug. show. Just way to warm to go out and set up. But, I did go to the local stores. Nothing like supporting your local store owners. I was just watching the weather. They were saying this summer had been our hottest in history for the Charleston, SC area! As I alway's tell people. I have never gotten used to this heat. Take me back to Brockport, NY anytime. I did get a chance to go to Cherrokee,NC this summer, I'll post that one later. Let's just say I loved it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a beautiful day....

I woke up to sunshine and birds singing. What better way is there? Lester and I went and got some of the things needed for our garden. Stopped at Starbucks had a coffee together.(ok so those that know me knows that means I had a hot chocolate he had coffee.) Came home and he started work on it. I just worked on some pottery!!!! YEA!!! need I say more on that subject? Tried to work on some bowls to make yarn bowls with. Have to to try. I have to wait till they dry some before I make the cuts. Planted some daffodil's(found out the squirrels and rabbits wont eat them like they do the other ones. They love tulips & crocus's.

Trying to get a job here in town. Boy, I hope it works out. I think I'd really like it. They also need me for a couple of the classes they want to do with kids. So please keep praying.

As my friend Janice would say...Have a Daisy Day, keep smiling.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another day...

Can't wait to see this little place buried in springtime. Until then it's just another day. Okay, so not another day. I'll start again. This is one of my favorite places. Small, tiny, blue and old! But, I love it. Now I can go on from there. Oh many times have you just looked at something, but, never really looked at it?
When I see these old places I love to see myself in them. I then think Who has lived here and left a mark on this place? Was it a ding on the corner or was it a measure mark of a child growing on the door jam?
Who planted that huge bush? How long has it been there? Was it a young women newly married trying to make a home? Or an old lady smiling to herself trying to leave something for some one to remember her by?
Has the man that put up those walls left a hidden package between those walls waiting for someone to find it so much later in time.

I remember A guy I knew in NY. His parents were working on there house. They were moving one of the walls (WHICH I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE!!! It was perfect as it was). But while in the job they came across a treasure. In between those studs was a small package wrapped in old crumbling brown paper. Inside it was some of the neatest things. Two small button up shoes of childeren (different sizes). A couple of marbles, a tin man, and a picture of a littleboy. The softest blond hair, and such huge light colored eyes. I remeber stiiing there looking at that picture wondering if he had been born in one of those rooms upstairs. Had he growen into an old man while living here. Had he watched his siblings grow up and move on in the world. Had he faught in one of our countries wars, and never to return?

Others may just look past these old places thinking it's just another day riding home or past. While I love to look intently and ask these type of questions as I go by.

So the next time you pass on by as yourself, did the lovedones who lived here just live another day, or did they touch and move someones heart to bring a better time to someones day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Will it never be over? That's a question we often ask ourselves. Not just winter, but so many different things.
When the baby cries all night. When our childeren have a cold. Sitting thru those calsses we thought why do they make us take this (and we have never used it again). What about the heat of those southen summers.
Well this is what I have been feeling alot latley...either it's cold and rainy or sunny and fridged.

Have been looking everywhere where for work. There is either nothing out there, or nothing I can do. I found some thing I could do,but...yes, that word, but! It was at a wool yarn assesory shop! yes, wool. I had the job. How many other people are called with a job offer, and can't because they will drop dead of the product giving them an asthma attack!

Well I know it will be spring soon, and with it better offers and times. So until then hold on it's coming!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another year has gone by....

What what a year it was. Now for what is to come. That is a huge question which I have hanging over my head quite often. After reading my daughters blog, well, I feel as if I haven't been doing as much as I should. In one way I've been happy to be going back to just Lester & I. In another I've missed the childeren all around 24-7. I guess you could say welcome to this stage in life.

So what does it consist of? I guess that's my big delema! As Ashley said, I tired of making all these huge plans for the new year only to relize in Nov. I've completed none of them.

I'm very much a procastinater! OK I said it! I will put of anything I don't want to do and with good reson. As I said I don't want to do it!!!! But it will make me crazy if I make plans and they are put off. So needless to say I drive my self quite insane!!!

I'd like to make it thru this new year remembering what the Lord has blessed me and my family with. To try to complete anything he has made a purpose in my life for. I at 44 still often sit and say why am I here, and what is my purpose? What did I want to grow up to be? Am I there yet?

Well I can say yes and no to both. When I ask I say well I've done that been there. Then I look deeper and say no way...You are so far from it! Get up grab your skirts and get moving. So I think this is what my aim will be this year. To look what the Lord made me into and let Him complete it!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Time....what is it? Where did it come from? Why can it control so much of our lives? These are a few of the questions I have asked myself often.
I'm one of those people who has to be 15 min. early to any where I go, or I don't want to go. I know to some this is crazy, and people like myself drive them absolutely crazy. I'm married to one! Do I need to tell you what it does to us?
I have traveled to many different places in the last 25 yrs. During these trip and moves I have went from busy bustling cities to quiet country settings. Each and every time I will often take my time out to sit or stand to watch the world as it passes by. I will often wonder what is it that makes so many of the run from place to place. Or leisurely walk along. It doesn't matter which setting I'm in there will always be these to types whirling by...furiously just barley walking.
During these time I love to just be quiet and watch. What an amazing set of things we can learn and see in these times. How I wish more would take the time to do this. We may hear from God to pray for them, to praise some thing you may see in their faces. To cry for them for what we see that is missing. But in it all is that magic word time...
please take the time to sit back and watch someone or thing today. Let God speak to you while your there. Until my next time to sit and share my thoughts, have a great day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summertime Blues

When you think of summertime. You will most likely think of being a child. Vivid pictures will flash thru your mind of the special days. Running, playing, swimming, screaming...but there will always be a time where you had just been laying in the grass or some such wondering when summer would be over.
I as a child had a favorite place to go lay in the grass under a maple. To stare up and watch the clouds thru the branches. Watching the birds and butterflies. Looking for four leaf clovers. There would hardly be any breeze. Everyone was either at camp or off camping with family. You would think am I the only one in the world today. It would be so still and quiet(we lived in the country at this time).
You would sit and watch what wonderful things God had made. Grasshoppers, inch worms, listen to the neighbor's cows moo. Then ask when will I have to go back to school? These are the summertime blues.
Today hear in South Carolina we sit in the A/C keeping cool and watch the world go by out the window. It's Aug. and we haven't had a day under 90 in 45 days. Been under a heat advisory for 35 of them. We sit and ask "when will this be over"? You go out to the car and either burn your hand trying to get ing the car, or burn your bum by sitting on the scorching seat. You forgot to put your flippers back on and touched the pavement with your toe immediately thinking you were walking across a spot of fire! It often seems to hot even for ice cream. It would be melted before it even got into your hands.
As we go to the kids baseball games and picnics we ask our selves are we crazy? It's 100 degrees out here and I have to pretend to be having a good time. I'm ready to pass out! You learn quickly to do any thing needing to be done outside you do before 7:00 am or after 8:00 pm. You go for a moonlit walk at 10:30 and it's still 89 or hotter. How romantic??? You've got sweat running from every pore plus! Your hair is dripping. Your cloths are wet and sticking....this is to be romantic? Come on I'm not 16 any more!
You see these mom's holding their new babies. Trying to hold them with out having to touch them and make them hotter and more fussy. The poor things have on only a diaper, heat rash all over their little fat rolled bodies.
You try to sleep but the sheets are as sticky and wet as you lay there and pray for a breeze, even better a rain storm...then it hits and you remember you have to close the windows or soak the inside of you house. Then it stops and you can watch the steam roll off the roads, and top of the houses. Yes, you thought you were hot before?
Do remember those Summertime Blues.