Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard of 2009-Newport, RI

Well this is the view from our room here in Newport.We are waiting....and waiting...they say we were to get the blizzard anytime...waiting.This is the pond frozen over, then Lester and I up on the roof looking for snowflakes. So off the supper we went. Then about 8:30 pm it started. It went from I think that's a flake, to Hey look out here. you can't see the lights to the bridge. It was a white out. Well It's now 10:30 Sun. morning and it's still coming down. We can hardley see the other side of the pond. They said on the new's that we have gotten over 20 inchs and it's still falling pretty good. I hope it stops by this afternoon. We are going to leave and head back to Charleston, SC in the morning. We might go out and play in it later. Have a happy white Christmas!!!

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